Every woman is beautiful when she knows how to make the most of her movements, her voice, and her attention, along with her make-up, clothing, and confidence. Charisma is the ability to make other women feel good about themselves. The greatest beauty secret of women throughout the ages is the ability to accept the attention graciously, and then make people feel attractive in return. 
     Mia Sage loves women. Every woman feels loved and appreciated in the warm light of her kindness and attentiveness. Mia created Catwalk Cafe as a series of events--model training, fashion shows, and Geisha School sessions in which women find the glow of their inner beauty.
     As a top professional model, Mia felt the sting of competitive model shoots and hostile associates that tried to advance by holding others back. But her instinctive love for women showed her another approach to the glamor game. Now she has pioneered an exquisite training system to bring our the lovely feminine qualities in every woman.
     Catwalk Cafe offers delightful confidence building events for amateur and professional models alike. You are welcome to attend a weekend model training for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Or you can show up for glamorous dinner fashion shows on fabulous Ibiza.